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Tall Tale Thanksgiving Valentine's Day
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Author's Purpose Book Pals Context Clues
Author's Purpose Worksheets
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Story Scramble
Types of Text
Children's Stories Word Meaning from Context3
Cause/Effect Reading Skills Wacky Web Tales
Time for Kids
Black History
Book Adventure
Cause/Effect Relationships
Black History Site1
Word Meanings from Context1
Book Adventure
Black History Site 2 Context Clues Practice
Quia Analogies
Character Traits
Quia Analogies
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Sample Character Traits
Cause/Effect Paragraphs
Interactive Character Study
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Figures of Speech Identifying Character Traits Fairy Tales
Eye on Idioms
Finding Details Grimms
Idiom Site
Scoop Inferences
American Idioms
Character Inferences
Illustrated Idioms
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Making Inferences/ Drawing Conclusions
Fling the Teacher (homophones, homographs, similes, metaphors, idioms)
Inference Practice
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Book Adventure
Main Idea NBC Site
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Main Idea Quiz
Answers on Olympics
Using Inferences
What's the Big Idea?
Reading Comprehension Connection
Quia Analogies
Main Idea - What doesn't belong?
Story Scramble
Main Idea Tutorial Reading Ring Inference Term
Did I Read It or Not? Sequencing Games Synonyms/Antonyms
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Quia Analogies
Book Adventure
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The Bobby Bucket Show
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Tall Tale
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Plimouth Plantation
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History Channel Storybook Online Squantum
Fact Monster Read Print - Free classic books, poems, and short stories Squanto
Idioms Kids Mysteries Massasoit
Idiom Quizzes Martin Luther King Jr. Thanksgiving
Idiom Site Nobel Prize Wampanoag/Pilgrim
The Free Dictionary Idioms Enchanted Learning Mayflower History
Paint by Idioms Golden Legacy Pilgrim Hall
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