Coaching and Football in my Future (An Article from the NW Times)
Thursday, April 25, 2019

My goal in life is to be a football player and then be a football coach. I want to be a football coach because I’ve been wanting to play football for the past four years. I want to grow up to being celebrity football player and I want to be one of the best coaches. 

 When I’m a football player I want to be an all star player. If I got to be one I would be freaking out like someone just bought a car.   I would also be really, really proud of myself. The only thing I don’t like thinking about is getting tackled by a big guy that’s on the line and getting hurt.   

         I’m gonna be a respectful coach, and I won’t go hard because I want to make others pro football players and athletes. I want to get a lot of wins, make the football players happy, and keep moving on.  If I am a coach someday, my dream came true. Me dreaming of football is like a waking up to heaven, it just can’t stop. If I am a football player and coach someday, I gonna be really happy.