School on Saturday? (An Article from the NW Times)
Friday, April 26, 2019

    Do you think we should have school on a Saturday? I think we should have school on a Saturday, because we could make up for all the snow days. Also, I think we should have school on a Saturday because it’s always boring at my house. All I do at home is roll up into a ball on my couch watching TV.   I know that might sound like your ideal weekend, but it’s not when your sister rewatches a TV show series.     Having school on a Saturday would be fun, because it still is kind of the weekend so we could have a party. Sometimes we would have to do regular school, but that would be okay with me because I like school, especially math, reading, and science. Maybe we could have extra time to do whatever we want.       I hope kids would like this idea.  I also hope the teachers would agree, especially Mrs. Machholz because Saturdays are  the days teachers probably sleep in or cuddle with their pets if they have any.