Board of Education Goals

Established 2015, Re-Adopted 2016

Goal 1:The Marshall Public School District will provide and maintain a safe and supportive environment which contributes to the academic success, confidence, and happiness of all students.

Goal 2: Marshall Public Schools will recruit, support, and retain highly effective and efficient teachers, staff, and leaders who find joy in the workplace and are dedicated to the district’s mission of excellence.

Goal 3: Marshall Public Schools will encourage the involvement of all students, families, school employees, and taxpayers and will work to establish and maintain cooperation across the entire school community.

Goal 4: Marshall Public Schools will be fiscally responsible with taxpayer money, including as many community members as possible in short and long-range decision making pertaining to continuous improvement of district facilities and educational offerings. 

The Marshall Public Schools Board of Education meets on the Tuesday after the 20th of each month at 6:00 P.M.

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