MPS Phase Calculations

DATENew cases in Marshall New MPS student casesNew MPS staff casesTotal number of students in quarantineTotal number of staff in quarantineTotal new cases in long term care facilities in Marshall (updated on Thursdays)14 day average new cases in Marshall Average of building mitigation scores (updated on Thursdays)
14 day summary121080164 new total12.8571.79
14 day summary (1/14/21)Total new cases in Marshall 14 days ending 1/13 = 2031313776414.51.80
14 day summary (1/21/21)Total new cases in Marshall 14 days ending 1/20 = 135263180519.6431.80
14 day summary (1/28/21)Note: Data on All Things Missouri dashboard has not updated for several days.  Weekly update is pending.146738
2/4/2114 days ending 2/3/21 total is 1151355138.214
Calculation for M14CPD (updated on Thursdays)Formula - symbols are:
NCM = new cases in Marshall (14 day average)
LTC = new long term care resident cases in Marshall (14 day average)
MPS = new cases in MPS (14 day average)
Mitigation score = sum of the average building masking score and average building social distancing score

Modified 14-day average of new cases per day in Marshall (M14CPD)

M14CPD = (NCM) - [(0.75)(LTC)] +[(1.25)(MPS)] - (mitigation score)

M14CPD = 
7-day total of new cases per day among MPS students and staff (MPS7DT) - updated on Thursdays
District phase = 
Instructional phase chartNote: District phase level is based on the higher phase determined by either the M14DPD or MPS7DT