EW family

Last night, Eastwood families were invited to the playground for a family fun night! Each family had a list of activities to complete.  There were nearly 300 people at the family night! 


"It warms my heart that we had so many families at our family night. It was nice that people felt safe and had a lot of fun. It is so important for our families to know that they are a part of the Eastwood Family." Mrs. Heuman, Principal 

Students had a blast introducing their families to the EW staff.

 "The weather was perfect! It was so enjoyable to see their smiling faces and be with their families at Eastwood!" -Mrs. Huse, Fourth Grade Teacher 

Families also got to go into the Art room to make critters and into the library for a book walk! 

"I love seeing all the creativity of the students working with their families to make little critters." Mrs. Gann, Art Teacher 

"I loved having the kids come back again and again to play the book walk to win more prizes!" Mrs. Kueker, Librarian  

"It is so important for teachers to have these kinds of interactions with the whole family because students need to see that they have a huge support team." -Mr. Wright, Music Teacher 

Everyone was so excited for our first family night of the year! 

"It was fun. It was easy. But seeing kids (some for the first time) having Kona Ice was amazing!" Mrs. Sappington, Third Grade Teacher. 

Mrs. Hartley worked with Miss Jones at the sidewalk chalk station. 

"It was so much fun to be back together after nearly two years of no parent nights!" -Mrs. Hartley, 4th Grade Teacher

"It went by kinda fast. But it was a great time." Miss Jones, Second Grade Teacher 


"It was a nice evening for everyone to get together. I enjoyed hanging out with students on the playground!" Miss Grellner, Third Grade Teacher 

"We had a blast at the obstacle course!" Coach S and Miss Brown

"Seeing the families interact. A sense of community!" Miss Renfrow

"It was a great time!" Miss Phillips, Secretary 

"Yeah, I had fun! I enjoyed seeing the families. Weather was great!" Mrs. Oswald, Second Grade Teacher 

Also we are so thankful for Kona Ice to attend our event. Every person at the family night received free Kona Ice! 

We asked several students what they loved the most. The top response we got was KONA ICE!