SCCC 50th Anniversary - Learning That's Golden
SCCC 50th Anniversary - Learning That's Golden
Callie Dobbins
Thursday, September 06, 2018

Throughout the 2018-2019 academic year, the Saline County Career Center will celebrate its golden anniversary!  Opening in 1968, SCCC has grown significantly over its 50 year history to meet the ever-changing needs of students, surrounding businesses, and communities.  Starting its programming with 205 students, the Career Center has grown to serve the career and technical education needs of over 465 students annually. Current SCCC programs include Agriculture Education, Trade & Industry, Information Technology, Marketing, Business & Office, Culinary, Health Program and Community Education.  It is also the proud home to four student organizations, FFA, DECA, SkillsUSA and FBLA.

Please follow our celebration on Facebook @ Saline County Career Center.  We hope you will join us throughout the year to celebrate 50 years of success!

Anniversary Goals and Objectives

  1. Raise awareness of the Saline County Career Center, both in the positive difference it makes in the lives of individuals and the integral role it plays to strengthen the communities it serves.

  2. Celebrate SCCC’s history by honoring the accomplishments of our students, alumnae and employees.

  3. Connect with SCCC alumni, increasing awareness and involvement.

  4. Strengthen relationships with community supporters, business partners, donors and friends.

  5. Share SCCC’s vision for the future and the transformational power of career and technical education.

Anniversary Events and Activities

September 2018

  • Monthly program highlight:  Information Technology

  • KMMO Football Halftime Show:  SCCC program highlight: FFA

  • September 21:  MHS Homecoming Celebration

    • SCCC float in homecoming parade

    • SCCC Selfie Station at homecoming football game

    • SCCC football game promo announcement

    • SCCC football program insert

October 2018

  • Monthly program highlight:  Culinary Arts

  • KMMO Football Halftime Show:  SCCC program highlight: DECA

  • “Learning That’s Golden”  Celebration Kick Start:

    • October 18:  BBQ for parents and students

    • SCCC Selfie Station with Snapchat filter available

November 2018

  • Monthly program highlight:  Marketing

  • “Advising That’s Golden”-Advisory Board Celebrations Highlighting 50 years

December 2018

  • Monthly program highlight:  Auto Mechanics

January 2019

  • Monthly program highlight:  Adult Education

February 2019

  • Monthly program highlight:  Agriculture

  • Mayoral Proclamation:  Career & Technical Education Month

  • Career & Technical Education Week:  February 4-8

  • “Learning That’s Golden”  Community / Alumnae Celebration

    • February 7:   Community / Alumni Celebration Reception

March 2019

  • Monthly program highlight:  Health Occupations

April 2019

  • Monthly program highlight:  Business & Office

May 2019

  • Monthly program highlight:  Building Trades

Community Service

50 Ways of Giving Back includes multiple opportunities for SCCC staff, students, alumni and friends to participate in community service activities throughout our anniversary year.  Want to join us? For more information:

Saline County Career Center

900 W. Vest

Marshall, MO  65340