Marshall Public School

Marshall Public School , 9 days ago

All meals served by Marshall Public Schools will be free for all (in-seat and distance) children through age 18. Meals will be free from September 10, 2020 to the end of December 2020 or until federal grant money is exhausted. If a student has money in their account, it will remain in their account for them to use after the federal grant money ends.

Marshall Public School

Marshall Public School , 18 days ago

Dr. Maher's Fireside Chat answering employee questions now available on the district website. Parents and students are also welcome to email her questions to be answered.

Marshall Public School

Marshall Public School , about 1 month ago

Parents, no internet or device? If you haven't registered your kids online, call any building to make an appt.

Marshall Public School

Marshall Public School , about 1 month ago

Attn: MPS parents without internet or computer access who still need to register.
Starting Monday, August 17th you may call any building your children are enrolled in and make an appointment to register your students. Masks and Social Distancing will be required. No interpreters will be provided.

Marshall Public School

Marshall Public School , about 1 month ago

The deadline for parents to choose the type of learning for their child(ren) has been extending until Tuesday, 8/11.

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MARSHALL PUBLIC SCHOOLS Information Release August 5, 2020

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