7th & 8th Orchestra
Paula Brown
Tuesday, March 26, 2019

Our 7th and 8th grade orchestra students attended the Central Methodist Music Festival and performed solos/duets in front of a judge for a rating.  Each of the students stayed after school several times to practice, and put in time on their own to learn all of the music performed; very little class time was used for these students to prepare.  All students were good citizens throughout the day as well, the judge commented several times about how well-mannered our students were!

The scale used to give ratings is as follows:

Here are the results from the day:

Javier Alex, Viola Solo - 1
Colleen Allen, Violin Solo - 2
Georgie Jackson, Violin Solo - 2
Hadley Guthrey and Gabby Wheeler, Violin Duet - 2
Chylin Anderson, Cello Solo - 2
Teresa Elfrink, Cello Solo - 2
Jeffrey Garcia, Viola Solo - 1
Kiki Simic and Chylin Anderson, Viola/Cello Duet - 2
Hadley Guthrey, Violin Solo - 2
Alli McClinton, Cello Solo - 2
Jeffrey Garcia and Candice Smith, Violin/Viola Duet - 2
Chantel Richardson, Cello Solo - 1
Teresa Elfrink and Alli McClinton, Cello Duet - 2
Rayleigh Setter, Viola Solo - 2
Gabby Wheeler, Violin Solo - 1
Javier Alex and Chantel Richardson, Viola/Cello Duet - 1

If you see any of these students, tell them congratulations and recognize their hard work!

Thanks to each of you for your support!