SCCC Receives $447,110 FIPSE Grant

The Saline County Career Center Postsecondary Practical Nursing (PN) Program was recently awarded $447,110 from the federally sponsored grant, Fund for the Improvement of Postsecondary Education (FIPSE). The FIPSE grant, ( supports post-secondary institutions for the purpose of improving and enhancing learning opportunities for adult learners.

The FIPSE grant money will allow the SCCC PN program to expand and convert its entire program to allow for improved distance learning opportunities for students. According to Callie Dobbins, SCCC Director, “Receiving the FIPSE grant gives us essential resources to support the goals of the PN program. We will now be able to purchase equipment and supplies to prepare for and offer an even better distance learning experience for our PN program students. The expansion will help in-seat learners receive optimal lab experiences that mirror clinical situations. In addition, if the program needs to move to virtual learning, or if students need to quarantine due to Covid exposure, we will have the flexibility to teach and offer simulations virtually.”
Laura Jackson, SCCC Adult Education Coordinator stated, “This grant will help us redesign the traditional PN program to better address future distance learning needs and help students be better prepared through simulations which mirror real-life clinical situations.”
Heather Tietjens, PN Program Coordinator is excited about the opportunity. “The grant will provide SCCC with the means to upgrade and update our program equipment. Items we will purchase include hotspots for students who need internet services, updated mannequins with simulation equipment for online interaction, simulation software that provides for online interaction which mirrors clinical scenarios, and equipment for student check-out such as model skeletons for bone, muscle, and vein identification.” Grant funding also allows for the repair, renovation, and funding of facility upgrades to improve distance learning and provide for the safety of staff and students.
The Practical Nursing program at SCCC helps students acquire skills and knowledge essential to their role in becoming a competent practical nurse in the community. The eleven-month, full-day program meets Monday through Thursday, 7:15 am to 3:00 pm. The program begins with a focus on foundational, pre-clinical learning, and is followed by a clinical block segment. In-seat classes are
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held at SCCC, with clinical experiences taking place at area health care facilities. Upon successful completion of the program, students qualify to take the State Board of Nursing examination to become a Licensed Practical Nurse. About Saline County Career Center Saline County Career Center is a Career and Technical Center offering one postsecondary program (Practical Nursing), courses in nine secondary programs (students grades 9-12), as well as providing community education classes. For information on all educational opportunities or to explore opportunities that help support local and regional industry workforce needs, please contact Laura Jackson, Adult Coordinator, or Callie Dobbins, SCCC Director at (660)886-6958 or visit our website