DECA State Qualifiers

This year, 14 Saline County Career Center DECA students participated at district-levelcompetition virtually throughout the week of February 16-24, 2021. On Friday, February26, it was announced that there will be 12 members who will be moving on to compete atthe state level, which will be held virtually throughout March 8-19, 2021.

DECA prepares emerging leaders and entrepreneurs for careers in marketing, finance,
hospitality and management. These students competed in a variety of events for a chance
to represent their district at the State Career Development Conference.
The 12 students who placed at districts in the following categories and will advance to
state competition are as follows:
Project Management Event:
3rd Place: Community Service Awareness Project-Herson Renderos and Kelly Stewart
(AAD Knowledge)
1st Place: Community Service Giving Project-Alexia Bowlen (Women in Defense)
Start Up Business Event:
5 th Place: Xane Anderson (Clean Cut Lawn)
Entrepreneurship Innovation Plan Event:
3rd Place: Nikole Gooden (Bubbles restaurant)
Integrated Marketing Campaign-Services Event
2nd Place: Lizvet Menendez and Jessica Parada (Chemistry Coffee)
3rd Place: A-Quila Thomas (Chic Salon)
Team Role-play Event
2nd Place: Entrepreneurship Team Decision Event-Herson Renderos and Omar
Individual Role-play Events 
2nd Place-Automotive Services Marketing-Ashley Garner 
2nd Place-Food Marketing Series-Bailey Kueker
1st Place-Human Resource Management-Nikole Gooden
2nd Place-Principles of Finance-Holly Huston