Good Evening Marshall Owls Family:
     I have been working today with our fantastic administrative team on how we can best protect and provide for our Marshall students.  I gave them several assignments and they outdid themselves!  I have attached the letter to our district parents so you can see the overall plans they've made.  Each building is unique in our district and each has its own story to tell.  In the same way, each is planning to serve its own students and their families in a unique and special way.  You will be hearing from your administrator soon with specific directions and requests so we can continue with school . . . no matter how different it looks from what we've thought in the past.
      I know there are several of you who have questions and concerns about the next few weeks and how we will move forward.  First, I hope you know that as we take care of our students, we will take care of you and those who work with you the best ways we know.  Everyone  will be paid tomorrow and in the foreseeable future.  Teachers, you are on salary so you know what your paychecks will be.  Classified and hourly staff:  You will be paid the amount that reflects your normal work week.  If you work 30 hours, that's what your paycheck will show.  40 hours will be 40 hours of pay. Etc., etc., etc.  
       MPS administrators have been given tasks and they will be asking tasks of you.  They will  communicate with you their expectations and how they plan to lead through the next several days.  They will provide time in your building, in small groups, to visit with you and give you their expectations.  One being that you are not REQUIRED to come to campus.  You may communicate from home.  We've had many requests, however, for the chance to come in and visit with administration face-to-face, and we're going to provide for that.  Here is the overall district calendar for the next couple of weeks:



Thursday,March  19th  -

        Principals and office staff in buildings. 

            Buildings remained closed. (Principals will be                       available by phone and email during this time.                    Teachers and staff:  If you need admittance to a                     building, please contact your  administrator.)            

Friday,March20th -        

Principals and office staff in buildings. Students may pick up medicine from their building.

Monday, March 23rd-     

         Principals and office staff in buildings.  Teachers                 meet and plan.

         Students may pick up personal belongings.

    Tuesday, March 24th-     

         Principals and office staff in buildings.  Teachers                 meet and plan. 

         Students may pick up personal belongings.

        MPS Board of Education meeting.  (In compliance              with CDC guidelines, the meeting will be closed to              the public. The proceedings will be live streamed on            the district website.)

Wednesday, March 25th

        MPS buildings will be closed until school resumes.            (Principals will be available by phone and email                  during this time.  Teachers and staff:  If you need                admittance to a building, please contact your                        administrator.)  

       Friday, March 27th            

       Originally scheduled spring break. Not a scheduled             workday. 

 I have attached the letter I am sending to parents and families tomorrow that is very detailed.  Details for each building are included in this letter.   This is because it is important that our entire school community see how hard we are working and how much we care.  

As I said to the administrative team many times today, my hope for all of us who work for and with MPS is that we have this mission while we navigate these uncharted waters:   PROTECT AND PROVIDE.   (Protect the well-being of all. Provide learning for all.)   Thank you and please let us know if you need anything from us!   Carol