Issued by Dr. Carol Maher, Superintendent of Schools  

January, 2019

     On January 9th, two confirmed cases of chicken pox were reported to Marshall Public Schools administration.  If you or your child suffer from a chronic and/or serious illness or condition, we urge you to consult your health care provider to make decisions for you and your family's welfare.  Students who are not immunized against chicken pox, but who have been exposed to the disease, are not to attend school for 21 days from the first exposure, even if the students do not display symptoms of the disease. This requirement is set by the Missouri Department of Health and schools are mandated to follow outlined procedures.

     The district will monitor the status of potential outbreaks and will notify parents of non-immunized students as to when those students may return to school. This cannot happen before January 29th of this year, if no cases are reported. Employees and students who are at high risk of being affected by the disease have been notified and are excused to miss school during this time. Their return to school is to be decided on a case-by-case basis.