Next week, March 4th-8th we will be celebrating Dr. Seuss Birthday , which is March 2nd.  We will be coordinating our outfits with some of his classic children's books.  

MONDAY, March 4th:  Wear Green in Honor of Green Eggs and Ham.

TUESDAY, March 5th:  Wear crazy socks to celebrate Fox In Socks.

WEDNESDAY, March 6th:  Wear Crazy, mismatched clothes to celebrate Wacky Wednesday.  ******This is a 12:30 dismissal day********

THURSDAY, March 7th:  Wear pajamas in honor of I am Not Going to Get Up Today!

FRIDAY:  March 8th:  Wear a hat to celebrate The Cat in the Hat.

Thank you for helping us to celebrate and honor Dr. Seuss!!!   His funny stories have made us all love reading!  Happy Birthday Dr. Seuss!!!!