Several of Bueker Middle School's Band, Choir, and Orchestra Students prepared pieces to submit a solo  or group recording to Central Methodist University's annual Music Festival.  This event is normally held in-person, but this year due to Covid-19, the festival was held virtually.  All our students worked really hard to overcome challenges with missing school for illness and weather, most even worked with their director via Google Meet in order to perform at a high level.

8th Grade Orchestra:
Vanessa Andrade, viola solo: Exemplary Rating
Marjorie Barcenas, violin solo: Exemplary Rating
Lillian Griffitt, violin solo: Outstanding Rating
Eliza Papreck, violin solo: Exemplary Rating
Lauren Riley, violin solo: Outstanding Rating
Mimi Sherman, violin solo: Exemplary Rating
Maggie Shoemaker, cello solo: Outstanding Rating
Sherlyn Solano, cello solo: Outstanding Rating

7th Grade Orchestra:
Rebecca Chavalier, violin solo: Exemplary Rating
Iverson Ifenuk, bass solo: Exemplary Rating
Peyton Marshall, cello solo: Exemplary Rating
Zy Napier, viola solo: Exemplary Rating
Amy Rubio, violin solo: Outstanding Rating
Jocelyn Sandoval, violin solo: Exemplary Rating
Aidyn Wilcoxson, cello solo: Exemplary Rating

BMS Singers:

The BMS Singers received the score of Exemplary from both judges.  Exemplary is the highest score offered (this used to be called a 1, but has changed in the past few years).  

Bailey Riley and Eliza Papreck also recorded and submitted vocal solos to CMU Music Festival and also received scores of Exemplary.  

Band Solos:
Exemplary Ratings (formally known as a I rating)
Aliesha Ernest 8--trumpet solo
Juan Hernandez 8--trumpet solo
Eliza Papreck 8--Flute solo
Tancy William 8--Clarinet solo
Aidyn Wilcoxson 7--Oboe solo

Outstanding Ratings (formally known as a II rating)
Trevieon Carter 8--alto saxophone solo  

Fernando Flores 8--tenor saxophone solo
Reyonna Franklin 8--flute solo
Chase Johnston 8--snare drum solo
Eliza Papreck 8--clarinet solo
Khody Banty 7--tuba solo
KiAisha Harris 7--alto saxophone solo
Kennedy King 7--flute solo
Brody Kueker 7--trombone solo
Zy Napier 7--clarinet solo
Jasmine Salmeron 7--clarinet solo