MPS Summer School 2023

Summer school applications were sent home with students and replacements must be picked up at your child’s school building. Applications for summer school close April 28 and we will no longer be accepting applications after this date.

Dear Parents:

The Marshall School District will be offering all K-8 students, free of charge, an exciting approach to learning called  Summer Journey. Make no mistake about it; our summer program will be FUN for kids. Yet, our summer school program also provides an opportunity for students to experience over 60 hours of advanced academic preparation for  the year ahead, as well as to review and apply previously learned skills and knowledge. Summer Journey’s extraordinary educational goals are comprised of academic courses with hands-on instruction centered in reading, language arts, math, and social studies or science. Other important fields of study are also available.  

While the academic courses will be relaxed in format—no homework or tests for grades—Summer Journey will also  offer courses for hands-on exploration and discovery. There will be many courses that provide experiences for  enhanced learning opportunities which ultimately challenge students both creatively and academically. Be assured, we are offering courses for all age groups with an emphasis on fun learning and exploration.

  In addition, if you are the parent of a child who will be entering Kindergarten in the fall of 2023, I strongly encourage  you to consider enrolling your child in Summer Journey. We have noticed that when new students meet their  teachers, fellow students and our staff during the summer, they are eager to return in the fall and find that “first day of  school” experience to be a positive one. 

Finally, to make the program even more enticing to students, an extensive incentives program characterizes  Summer Journey. Students will be eligible to receive daily prizes if they come to school, exhibit a positive attitude,  and work to improve their achievement. At the end of the program, some lucky students will also win Grand prizes that will be awarded on the final day. Students will be able to earn Attendance Recognition incentives based on  their daily attendance.

Who should attend Summer Journey? Everyone. Simply put, it’s good for kids.  You’ll be glad you did!  If you would like more information, please contact your child's school. Thank you!