Marshall Public Schools is committed to providing an outstanding education for all its students. The purpose of the curriculum process is to build capacity to improve student performance as defined by district Goal 1: Marshall Public Schools will provide and maintain a safe and supportive environment that contributes to the academic success, confidence, and well-being of all students. 

We continue to change teaching and learning with the guidance of our Strategic Plan and a strong sense of the changing needs of our students. The curriculum is aligned to the Missouri Show-Me Standards, Missouri Learning Standards (MLS), and the district’s local performance standards. Common assessments are given at all grade levels to ensure continuity of learning and overall mastery of objectives. Curriculum is reviewed, revised, and updated annually. 

Below are several links to additional, more specific information for parents, students, and teachers.  Please feel free to reach out to our building principals if you have questions about specific courses and programming in a school building.


Laura Jacobi

Director of Teaching and Learning

MPS School Board Policy IF: Curriculum Development


Original Adopted Date: 08/21/1990 | Last Revised Date: 03/26/2002

The Marshall School District is dedicated to a program of continuous curriculum evaluation and revision in keeping with the changing needs of our students and the community in which they live. State and national developments will also have an impact on the curriculum provided by this district.

The district will provide resources and administrative support for curriculum development, evaluation and revision. Periodically a Curriculum Steering Committee consisting of a wide spectrum of the administrative and teaching staffs, Board representation, student representation, parent/guardian representation and community representation will be convened to conduct an in-depth study of the curriculum as a whole or specific parts thereof. After deliberation, this committee will make recommendations to the Board of Education for changes or revision in curricular policy, and in the curriculum itself, based on actual student needs and indications of student mastery. The Board will review and approve each curriculum guide developed by the district.

The selection and adoption of instructional materials are primarily based on the programs described in the curriculum guides developed by the curriculum review committee. The curriculum review process should be completed the year prior to the fiscal year where funds are allocated to purchase instructional materials related to the curriculum content area developed.