Marshall Public Schools is committed to providing an outstanding education for all its students. The purpose of the curriculum process is to build capacity to improve student performance as defined by district Goal 1: Marshall Public Schools will provide and maintain a safe and supportive environment that contributes to the academic success, confidence, and well-being of all students. 

We continue to change teaching and learning with the guidance of our Strategic Plan and a strong sense of the changing needs of our students. The curriculum is aligned to the Missouri Show-Me Standards, Missouri Learning Standards (MLS), and the district’s local performance standards. Common assessments are given at all grade levels to ensure continuity of learning and overall mastery of objectives. Curriculum is reviewed, revised, and updated annually. 

Below are several links to additional, more specific information for parents, students, and teachers.  Please feel free to reach out to our building principals if you have questions about specific courses and programming in a school building.


Laura Jacobi

Director of Teaching and Learning

MPS Administrative Procedure IF-AP(1): CURRICULUM DEVELOPMENT

Original Adopted Date:
02/27/2023 | Last Reviewed Date: 02/27/2023

Curriculum Review and Revision

The district will review and revise written curriculum on a rotating basis. The superintendent or designee will create a schedule that allows for regular curriculum review.

The district will create curriculum committees responsible for curriculum review and revision. The superintendent or designee will appoint committee members, and one member will be designated as committee chair.

The superintendent or designee will appoint members to curriculum committees that include:

  1. Teachers representing all grade levels concerned with the particular content area being reviewed;

  2. Administrators, counselors, school nurses and other district staff when appropriate; and

  3. One or more parent/guardian or community representatives chosen in consultation with parent-teacher organizations active in the district. If possible, committees should include one parent/guardian or community member who represents special student populations, such as students with disabilities or migratory students.

Committee members will be provided adequate resources to complete the review and revision process. These resources will include, but are not limited to, paid release time for employees; information regarding disaggregated results of the district assessment program for each content area; information regarding state and federal curriculum requirements; a copy of the state and district graduation requirements; and access to other curriculum guides.

At the conclusion of the review and revision process, the committee chair shall prepare a report detailing each committee's findings and actions. Each committee chair will present a copy of this report to the superintendent and the board of education.


After a curriculum is developed or revised, the district will provide professional development to administrators and teacher leaders to ensure that they understand the subject and how it is to be embedded within the school system, can adequately explain the strengths of the curriculum and can evaluate the implementation at the classroom level.

The district will provide teachers with in-depth professional development from experts in the curriculum and opportunities to work collaboratively with administrators and peers to fully understand and implement the new curriculum. The instruction will explain how the curriculum relates to the Missouri Learning Standards and assessments. When applicable, an instructional rubric will be used.