District Music Contest

Last Friday, students from the MHS Choral program attended the MSHSAA District Solo and Ensemble Festival at State Fair College. Out of 37 events, 21 events received I ratings, 15 events received II ratings, and one event received a III. This will be the most events MHS has taken to State Solo and Ensemble Festival in recent memory!

The following students will be singing at State Solo/Ensemble Festival in April:

Maddie Renzelman: 1 event

Dani Snyder: 2 events

Jace Lance: 2 events

Zach Baker: 2 events

John Haug: 3 events

Taylor Gotmer: 1 event

Charlotte Lines: 3 events

Jaycee Carver: 2 events

Logan Evans: 3 events

Kyle Weber: 2 events

Rachel Sporleder: 3 events

Esmeralda Tinoco: 3 events

Olivia Quint: 3 events

Leslie Magana: 3 events

Grace Haug: 2 events

Regan Godsey: 1 event

Randall Price: 2 events

T-Love William: 2 events

Luke Jackson: 2 events

Connor Dunlap: 3 events

Kaelani Kose: 3 events

Kamryn Staley: 2 events

Brittany Hieronymus: 2 events

Cassie Scott: 2 events

Katie Miles: 2 events

Rileigh Massey: 2 events

Phillip Black: 2 events

Grant Mach: 1 event

Dymani Butner: 2 events

Matti Page: 1 event

Anna Hartley: 1 event

Arianna Weaver: 1 event

Thania Figueroa: 1 event

Alliyah Woody: 1 event

Zach DeGonia: 2 events

Broderick Crawford: 2 events

Grant Clemmons: 3 events

Ethan Stickels: 1 event

Hayden Vogl: 1 event

Haven Sanchez: 1 event