State Music Contest Results

Yesterday, 40 choir students  and MHS band students attended the MSHSAA State Solo and Ensemble Festival at Mizzou. Many of these students had multiple events. At the end of the day, we had 10 Exemplary (I) ratings, 9 Outstanding (II) ratings, and two III ratings. We are very proud of all of these students for their hard work outside of class on their pieces. Be sure to congratulate them if you see them!


I Ratings

Connor Dunlap-Trumpet Solo

Edgar Espinoza-Baritone Solo

Cooper Davis-Trombone Solo

Maxi Rouk-Tuba Solo

II Ratings

Grant Clemmons-French Horn Solo

Matthew Huston-Tenor Saxophone Solo

Sophie Guthrey-Tenor Saxophone Solo

III Rating

Brass Quintet-Connor Dunlap, Dayjha Hill, Ashlyn Robbins, Connor England, and Maxi Rouk


Maddie Renzelman: 1 (I) rating, 1 (II) rating

Dani Snyder: 2 (II) ratings

Jace Lance: 1 (I) rating, 1 (II) rating

KK Elfrink: 1 (I) rating

John Haug: 3 (I) ratings

Taylor Gotmer: 1 (II) rating

Charlotte Lines: 2 (I) ratings, 1 (II) rating

Jaycee Carver: 2 (II) ratings

Logan Evans: 2 (I) ratings, 1 (II) rating

Kyle Weber: 1 (I) rating, 1 (II) rating

Rachel Sporleder: 2 (I) ratings, 1 (III) rating

Esmeralda Tinoco: 1 (I) rating, 1 (III) rating

Olivia Quint: 1 (I) rating, 2 (II) ratings

Leslie Magana: 2 (I) ratings, 1 (III) rating

Grace Haug: 1 (II) rating, 1 (III) rating

Regan Godsey: 1 (I) rating

Cooper Davis: 1 (I) rating, 1 (II) rating

Randall Price: 1 (II) rating

T-Love William: 1 (I) rating, 1 (II) rating

Luke Jackson: 2 (I) ratings

Connor Dunlap: 3 (I) ratings

Kaelani Kose: 1 (II) rating, 2 (III) ratings)

Kamryn Staley: 1 (I) rating, 1 (II) rating

Brittany Hieronymus: 1 (I) rating, 1 (II) rating

Cassie Scott: 1 (I) rating, 1 (II) rating

Rileigh Massey: 1 (I) rating, 1 (II) rating

Phillip Black: 1 (I) rating, 1 (II) rating

Grant Mach: 1 (I) rating

Dymani Butner: 2 (II) ratings

Matti Page: 1 (II) rating

Anna Hartley: 1 (II) rating

Arianna Weaver: 1 (II) rating

Thania Figueroa: 1 (II) rating

Alliyah Woody: 1 (II) rating

Zach DeGonia: 1 (I) rating, 1 (II) ratings

Broderick Crawford: 1 (I) rating, 1 (II) ratings

Grant Clemmons: 1 (I) rating, 2 (II) ratings

Ethan Stickels: 1 (I) rating

Hayden Vogl: 1 (I) rating

Haven Sanchez: 1 (II) rating