Dear Parents of MPS Students and the Community of Marshall:


Marshall Public Schools holds the well-being of our students and families above all else and work continuously to protect and provide for them. In line with the effort to stop the spread of the novel coronavirus by President Trump, the Center for Disease Control, Saline County Health Department, city, state, and national officials, Marshall Public Schools will remain closed until April 6th.. This was an extremely difficult decision and made only after compelling recommendations and requests.  Information for parents and students will be available soon on the district website and provided to local radio and newspaper personnel for communication across the Marshall community.  


The MPS Board of Education will meet this evening (Tuesday) at 6 p.m. in closed session.  Open session will begin at 6:30.  Following CDC recommendations for group gatherings, admittance to the meeting will be limited to essential personnel and invited guests. Information given at the meeting will be available on the district website and from local media.    Thank you for your support and understanding.  Dr.  Carol Maher