Good Morning Marshall Owls Family and Friends:

     The March meeting of the Board of Education is scheduled for the 24th, next Tuesday.   The meeting will be held, in abbreviated form, at the MPS Central Office.  With Board members and administration present, there will be 10 individuals.  In compliance with the CDC and Saline County Health Department, no other individual(s) will be allowed in the room.  
      The meeting will be live streamed and available on the district website.  There will be an open session, with the approval of the minutes from the previous meeting(s) payment of bills, and a closed session for legal and personnel matters.
       Yesterday,  the Commissioner of the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education provided information concerning the rest of this school year.  There will be no state-wide mandatory testing and districts will be allowed to submit a request to waive the attendance requirements during the coronavirus crisis.  The Commissioner urged social distancing and compliance with federal, state, and local health directives.  
        Food service will continue for our kids and buildings are open on a limited basis today, Monday, and Tuesday.  Please see communication from the building principal for information specific to each school.  
        Finally, we are in close communication with Fitzgibbon Hospital and the Saline County Health Department concerning the status of health care in our community.  Neither the hospital or school district have information on individuals.  We, like the rest of the community, are trying to be patient and continue to serve the Marshall community with compassion and care.  As always, I will continue to update the information I have as soon as possible.  Thank you for your patience and understanding.  Dr. Carol Maher