The administration of Marshall Public Schools has received several requests for information concerning returning to school on August 24th and how the district will handle the remnants of the COVID crisis.  Currently, the Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (DESE) has informed districts there are no plans to give credit for alternative methods in instruction as there were this past school year.  In other words and in most cases, the district will not receive state credit for student attendance except for in-seat instruction. All other instruction is on an as-needed, requested, and approved basis.  MPS continues to provide distance learning through Acellus and MOCAP, but these are only available by application and approval by school administration.  All students are expected to return to school in August, as in years prior to the pandemic. 
       Some of the details of the 2021 - 2022 school year are:  1)  The CDC has indicated that for fully vaccinated individuals, masks and social distancing are optional.  Any new CDC guidelines issued at the time of the start of school will be reviewed.  2)  There will be no COVID-related closures by DESE this year.  3)  In-seat school will take place 5 days a week, with Wednesdays deemed as early-out days when school is dismissed for students at 12:30.  4)  Quarantines will be observed, but only for individuals who were in close contact (three feet) for an extended period of time with an individual who has tested positive.  5) If cases in Saline County begin to rise significantly, MPS may implement an updated plan that best correlates with current needs.        Marshall Public Schools District looks forward to welcoming back our students and families as we join together stronger and prouder than ever!   Dr.  Carol Maher