new teachers

Today our new Marshall teachers started their first day of the new school year. They are learning all about how how to thrive in MPS! We are so excited to have them join our family this year. They have met the administrators and are working closely with Laura Jacobi, Director of Teaching & Learning, and our Instructional Coaches. For the next few days they will be in sessions to prepare them for this coming school year. 

"This is always and fun and exciting time not only in our district but also in the careers of these new teachers!!" -Rhett Bellon, Instructional Coach 

"This day, and really week, is filled with learning - about Marshall, about Marshall Public Schools, and teaching and learning."  -Callie Dobbins, Instructional Coach

"Induction Week is an amazing time to come together and meet all of the new educators and get them as excited as I am to be a Marshall Owl!" -Danielle Callanan, Instructional Coach

"The week is important to our district because it lets our new Owls know they are not alone.  They are surrounded by other new educators, as well as leaders to help them grow.  No matter their role, they are important to our district.  Go Owls!"~Jeana Wise, Instructional Coach

"It's so exciting to be part of a new school year" -Julie Gass, Instructional Coach 

"This is my favorite time of the year. The teacher is at the heart of the educational system, and I love working with passionate people. Welcome to Marshall Public Schools! -Laura Jacobi, Director of Learning & Teaching. 

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