This morning at 10 a.m., the official Missouri State Auditor's Office's (SAO) audit of Marshall Public Schools will be made public.   The Board of Education is satisfied with the findings and, after an initial session with the investigators, have already begun to implement actions related to their recommendations.  Additional information will be released as the day goes on. 

      The Board of Education will be hosting public forums to discuss and explain the official findings and recommendations, answer questions, and take suggestions from Marshall community members.  The first forum will be held prior to the regular Board meeting, the evening of the 21st of this month.  Other dates for information sessions will be announced very soon.

      The Board of Education is proud of and grateful for the work Dr. Maher and her team have done over the past seven months to provide every and all details needed to validate the integrity of the district's processes and procedures.  We will continue to provide the taxpayers of Marshall our best efforts. We appreciate the support of so many Marshall residents and MPS employees throughout the audit process.  All in all, it was a learning experience and will serve to improve our district's service to Marshall students and their families.   

Bryon Jacques, MPS Board of Education President