Hello Marshall Owls Awesome Family!

      We have so many dedicated people,  both on campus and off who are working very hard to keep the spirit of Marshall High School alive and strong!  It reminds us that a high school is not just a building but the people and relationships inside that make up the lifeblood of our beloved MHS.  
        Smoke has damaged several areas of the school and there will be professional cleaners,  custodial and maintenance staff, administrators, and insurance representatives all over the building tomorrow.  Most importantly, it is critical that we are sure the air is clean and safe to breathe for students and adults. Please DO NOT try to enter MHS, unless you have been given personal, individual permission.   
     With all these factors in mind, there will be no in-person classes tomorrow at Marshall High School.  Learning will take place remotely, as students and teachers are certainly capable of handling this challenge.  We will keep everyone informed as much as possible.  Please continue to help us keep the soul and essence of MHS strong!     

  This evening (11/18), the professional cleaners will be "fogging" the high school to help clean the air and surfaces in the building.  It may appear that smoke is coming from parts of the building, but it will be the fog and is intentional.  
     The district's insurance inspector, a representative from Serve-Pro,  and Dr. Lorenz are meeting tomorrow at 10 a.m.  I think we'll know something after they discuss the situation.  

Thank you! 

Dr.  Carol Maher