Hello Marshall Owls:

     The work to restore Marshall High School's fire and smoke damage  continues.  The administration met with Servpro and our insurance company this morning to discuss the status of the building and the projected timeline for students and adults to return in-person to the building.  Here is what we know so far: 

  • The fire started in the Art Room, around the kiln. 
  • Major damage was from smoke and soot which was dispersed throughout the building through the HVAC system.
  • The building may not be occupied until the initial cleaning of ductwork and  surfaces is complete.  We don't know how long this will take, but we cannot hold classes in the building until after the Christmas break, January 4, 2022 - at the earliest.
  • Air quality tests will determine when students and adults may return to school. 
  • The ceiling tiles in the affected parts of the building (everywhere except the commons and the gym) will need to be replaced.  The walls close to the Art Room will also need to be replaced. 
  • The shipping crisis may affect the timeline of the project. 
  • So far, the server is operational.  This is thanks to Keeper, who came up to inspect the system and saved it before the temperature reached 95 degrees. 
  • Throughout the restoration process, air scrubbers have been installed at every corner of the building to clean the air as an extra precaution.
  • When  teachers, or others, have been given personal permission to enter the building, it is suggested that they do not put their fingers to their face until hands are thoroughly washed.  Wipe hands, clothes, shoes, etc. with Clorox after leaving the building.
  • Students will be expected to complete their assignments and coursework on Google Classroom.
  • Teachers will be available for student or parent communication upon request on email and through Google Meets. 
  • Technology needs for students will be handled by Owl Time teachers.   
  • When the students return, the only real concern is to keep them from interfering with the equipment (risking injury) that will be in the building. 
  • The area of the commons, gym, and kitchen have been contained and may be used, with special permission.  Activities, practices, and games may not be held until results from an air quality test have been received.
  • Teachers will engage with their students in teaching and learning throughout this process.  The Board and administration will receive reports on teachers' work with students.  Contracted time, 7:30 a.m. to 3:15 p.m. is to be observed. 
  • DESE has been contacted to offer advice on attendance requirements for the time the high school students will not be involved in on-site learning.   
  • While MHS is not offering in-person classes, our food service company, OPAA!, will still be providing free meals to students. We appreciate their help!
    • Students will be given a breakfast and lunch daily.
    • Pick up for pre-ordered meals will be at the MHS Gym Doors each day,  Monday – Friday from 10am to 11am.
    • This starts Monday, 11/22/21 and does not include holidays and scheduled breaks.
    • Please ask students/families to call MHS (660-886-2242) to pre-order meals so appropriate numbers of meals are prepared.

     I realize this is a very long message but the situation at MHS is a complex one. With the upcoming holiday, we are so thankful for the wonderful people (young and not so young) who make up Marshall High School and its extended family.  This is the time we all need to stand together as a strong Owl Nation!  Have a fabulous weekend!  Dr. Maher