Hello Marshall Owls Family and Friends:

    This morning, Dr. Maher was informed by the Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (DESE) that we would not be given an extension for our current in-person and remote teaching and learning plan at Marshall High School.  Officials at DESE asked our administration team to get back together and revise the plan to offer in-seat learning to all students, at all times.  

      Our fabulous MHS team went to work right away, in their usual manner, making optimistic  decisions  and positive plans for our students and their learning.  The biggest challenge is now, rather than two locations, we will need four.  Options are being explored.  
      Our plan is to continue with the schedule in place for next week (the 10th - the 14th) with in-person classes on M, W, and F and Google Classroom learning on Tuesday and Thursday.  As soon as plans are finalized in the coming weeks, we will announce those  plans to teachers, students, and the community.   We ask for all Owls to show each other support and grace while we continue to work hard for student and adult success.  Thank you.