PDC Minutes March 3, 2022 3:30 @ Central Office 

Call to Order: Time 3:32   

Members in Attendance:

Falon Bossaller, Bekki Fann, Haley Garst, Will Grace , Gage Lemmon (Google Meet/Came in person at 4:30), Audrey Ming, Rena Reyes, Jeana Wise, Daniel Wright, Angela Gochenour, and Kim Weinreich

Approval of Minutes from February: Angela Gochenour made the motion to approve the Feb minutes as read. Audrey Ming seconded the motion.

Reports of Officers


Admin Representative:  We have paid $600 to Viking for the PD Buck shirts, once we use up the shirts, we will have to order more next year. 

Old Business:

  • Learning Forward Conference Updates- The conference is coming up in Springfield. Bekki, Jeana, Daniel, and Heather will be representing the PD Committee at the conference. They will be gathering beneficial information to share with the committee when they return. 

    • Sign-Up

  • Literacy Team Follow-up- March 24 is the meeting that has been scheduled with the original Literacy Team. The plan is to see where we are and where we want to be in the future. The committee will need to set up times to meet next year. Laura made the point that there was a stipend that was given of $250 for participating committee members. Stipends will need to be considered for next year if the committee is meeting outside of contract hours.

  • Database & PD Bucks: MHS Updates- The high school has two Wednesdays left. The high school teachers are in the process of moving back into the building and finding the time to present to the staff might be hard. The PD Bucks team will present at the Career Center and record it so it can be viewed at a later date by the high school by staff. 

  • Community Service--March Hoot House- Jeana created this to show our donation as a committee to the Hoot House.

  • BOE Presentation with PD Bucks & Holly Huston (DECA)- Jeana also created this to show our appreciation to Holly Huston for designing our shirt for PD Bucks. 

  • Traveling Teachers Budget:  Discussion- Discussion was held about the traveling teachers and how tough it is to represent those people because of the various places they are located. Daniel suggested that he would rather dissolve his position and let the staff members be placed into appropriate buildings. Rena discussed the importance of just representing those individuals but not having a budget line. Jeana suggested that Daniel write up a synopsis of his role either as a specials representative or the technology representative. 

  • Kagan Cooperative Learning Opportunity- Mindi had given it to Laura and Jeana to pass out to PD Members at the February meeting. It is July 25-29. If the flyer/information is something your building is interested in, let us know. Kagan was a requested Professional Development for Southeast in years past. 

  • MPS Professional Development Plan- We will wait until the Board has the Strategic Plan in place so we can use it to guide our Professional Development plan. 

  • Committee Updates- Jeana asked that we meet with our committee members and write a brief description of our role, our thoughts, and our ideas throughout the year.

    • Summer PD Plans- The plan is to move forward with book studies for the Summer PD. Bekki discussed the use of PD Bucks and stipends for the staff members that are preparing and presenting book studies.

    • August PD- If you have any ideas for presenters that you would like to see in our district for PD, please send your recommendations to the committee. 

New Business:

  • ML Meeting Update- No updates.

  • Content Mentors- Do we need to have a content mentor in buildings for incoming teachers? Is this a department head job? Weeks go by without seeing instructional coaches and oftentimes questions need to be answered before there is time to visit again. Instructional coaches have taken over the roles of the Mentor/Mentee program that we have had in the past. Jeana will talk to Laura about this more. Laura helped write a grant that she would like to speak to us about at a later date. Possibly a discussion of the expectations and roles of grade level leaders and content department heads. Stipends being consistent and considered. 

  • Mentor/Mentee Snacks- Instructional coaches typically provide snacks for their quarterly meetings. 

    • Bekki Fann made a motion to use a supply line out of our budget to provide snacks for the Mentor/Mentee meetings each quarter. Falon Bossaller seconded the motion. Motion was approved and passed. 

    • Will Grace abstained from the voting. 

  • MPS PD Needs Assessment - This will be sent out soon. The results will be shared to the committee as soon as the reports are created. BIST?

  • Wednesday PLC Presenters-A discussion was held about presenters that are presenting during our PLC times. We talked about PD Bucks covering this. 

  • Google Training for Teachers/Vouchers- Daniel suggested that all teachers need to be Google Trained since we are a Google School. Daniel will send a survey about regrouping about Google Certification. 

  • Communication PD follow-up-This was from the meeting when Norine came to present to the committee about communication throughout the district. 

  • EduCamp- Jeana put this on the agenda because it was suggested in years past. This is free, check into it. Maybe this is something we want to discuss with Valley and new teachers. 

  • Building Level Elections & Plan for April- We are all considered members for the upcoming year. Elections will be held at the next meeting. 

  • PD Learning Space @ Central Office- We used to have a trailer to use. The Central Office can now be that space for us. 

  • By-Laws:  Revisions and voting in April and May-tabled for next meeting

Process Requests: 






Traveling Teachers-$0 

BMS-$0 MHS- $114 (Email vote once we know more. Two teachers did not attend BTAP and are asking to go to other at event later this month) 


Instructional Coaches-$0

Bekki moved to adjourn the meeting at 4:52, seconded by Gage.

Next meeting might be moved. 

Next Meeting:  April 5, 2022

Paperwork due on or before:  March 25, 2022

ML Committee Meeting: 

  • Following regular PDC meeting--unless otherwise noted at the beginning of the meeting.  Minutes will be shared at next PDC meeting