Marshall Public Schools district and high school administrators have received a partial report pertaining to the air quality in Marshall High School.  So far, the report does not identify dangerous particles or debris.  In being overly cautious, however, the district administration has decided to bring professionals in over the weekend to conduct a significant air exchange process, which is designed to force interior air out and bring fresh, outside air in.  

Also, to continue to use extreme caution, it is the decision of the MPS administration to allow the  environmental engineers an extra day to purify the interior air of the high school building.  This decision results in the necessity of closing not only the high school, but the entire MPS district on Friday, April 8th.  There are many related and moving parts in the daily life of a school district, so to keep the operation consistent and efficient, it is necessary to close all of MPS on Friday.  The SCCC has also dismissed classes for the day on Friday. This date will not have to made up. 

All field trips, contest trips, or planned student/employee travel will proceed as planned.  Practices and activities that take place outside the fire-affected portion of MHS will continue on the planned schedule.   Thank you to all teachers and students who continue to demonstrate their dignity and class as we move toward the end of another challenging school year.  
Dr.  Carol Maher