state music

On Friday, the Marshall High School Music Department took 19 events to MSHSAA State Music Festival.  This year there were 356 member schools represented and 3, 606 events at State.  It was an honor to have been one of the member schools to be able to be represented by our music students!

With all of the challenges of recovering from the pandemic as well as the fire, we are humbled and honored that our music students persevered and had such a bright showing at State.  Please join us in congratulating the following students on their achievements at MSHSAA State Music Festival!

Gold Rating
Bryan Orozco--vocal solo
Eliza Papreck--violin solo

Silver Rating
Alexia Bowlen--vocal solo
String Quartet #1--Alli McClinton, Bryan Orozco, Faith Sappington, and Kiki Simic
Chase Laxson--vocal solo
String Quartet #2--Colleen Allen, Bella Brandt, Eliza Papreck, and Chantel Richardson
Eliza Papreck--flute solo
Faith Sappington--vocal solo
Gariella Wheeler--violin solo
Lillian Wade--vocal solo
Logan Good--violin solo
Matthew Robbins--alto saxophone solo

Bronze Rating
Alexian Bowlen--trumpet solo
Charlie Guthrey--string bass solo
Colleen Allen--violin solo
Kiki Simic--viola solo
Kylie Dickinson--clarinet solo
Sydney Philpott--vocal solo
Trevan Jolliff--trombone solo