Because a multitude of information and misinformation is being spread throughout the community about recent events involving members of the Marshall High School family, this statement is made to ensure Marshall Public Schools communicates using appropriate and accurate information based on facts, not hearsay. The Board of Education and MPS Administration strongly encourage all Marshall residents to allow the proper procedures to take place so all involved may be represented fairly. To continue conversations based on hearsay and conjecture is not only irresponsible, but will likely hinder the procedures and processes in legal efforts to yield truth and justice.  Marshall Public Schools is fully cooperating with the Marshall Police Department to help ensure accuracy, respect for privacy, and protection for all members of the MHS family.      


     To provide clarity and correct misunderstanding of the federal antidiscrimination law, Title IX, here is the history and intent of the statute:

Title IX, was enacted in 1972 (to enhance the previous 1964 law) to prohibit discrimination IN federally funded private and public ENTITIES. It covered race, color, national origin, and sex. Title IX was enacted to fill a gap between the rights of male and female students and to prohibit discrimination IN all federally funded education PROGRAMS.  Title IX also clarifies that “education program or activity” includes locations, events, or circumstances of which the school exercises substantial control over both the respondent and the context in which the sexual harassment occurs.


     Notice the law DOES NOT pertain to what occurs to students or staff outside school business, programs, or locations.  If the school does not have control, Title IX is not applicable.  In addition, this incident was initially brought to administration as a student conflict between female students. After further investigation, due to the serious nature of the report that the incident happened off school grounds and outside the hours of any school sponsored activity, administrators were rightly motivated to involve the School Resource Officer and Marshall Police Department.  

Thank you for your interest in, and support of, Marshall Public Schools.