Good Morning Marshall Owls Family:

     The results from the latest round of testing of the air quality in MHS are attached.  The conclusions from the report are:

     J.S. Held was retained by Gallagher Bassett to perform an indoor air quality (IAQ) assessment for the Marshall Public School District at the Marshall High School located at 805 South Miami Avenue in Marshall, Missouri. The assessment was conducted to assess a potential indoor air quality concern after fire and smoke restoration was performed. The assessment was
performed on March 30, 2022, by Industrial Hygienist Mr. James Harvey. The assessment
included a visual inspection, the collection of digital photographs to document general
conditions, and the collection of air samples for VOCs.
     Based upon J.S. Held’s assessment, review of the laboratory analytical reports, and comparison of concentrations of VOCs from the analytical laboratory reports with the OSHA PEL, ACGIH TLV, and NYS DOH Survey, airborne VOC levels are well within the amounts considered to be acceptable and were in compliance with both the TLV and PEL. After the completion of the additional restoration work the concentrations of VOCs have been significantly reduced from the previous sampling on March 30, 2022. Based on the current levels identified in this report, and levels considered to be acceptable by OSHA and the ACGIH, further health issues from VOCs should no longer be an issue.

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