Marshall News

Marshall Public Schools  has employed a new Superintendent, Mr. Caleb Petet, effective July 1, 2022. A new Assistant Superintendent, Mr. David Reinke, has also joined MPS. Under the guidance of the Marshall Board of Education, Mr. Petet and Mr. Reinke have been tasked with implementing a new District strategic plan. The Board had several special meetings and brought in a consultant to help in the creation of this new plan. The Board has adopted this "Governance Plan," which will govern and lead the District in all facets of its operation in the year ahead, as directed by the Board.

The development of the Governance Plan was completed in order to comply with MSIP 6, as well as to respond to the events of last Spring. The new Governance Plan has several time-bound goals that will help the District immediately begin to rework its practices, handbooks, and policies. It is the Board's goal to ensure an effective and timely response to concerns surrounding the District and to hold all District staff and administration accountable in protecting and educating our District's students, ensuring that students are the District’s top priority. Appropriately, the new Governance Plan’s practices are committed to accountability for progress toward the goals in the Plan. These practices start with the Superintendent, who, under the new Governance Plan, will be evaluated and held accountable for the progress toward these goals.

Administration and staff must be accountable for implementing the new Governance Plan,  monitoring progress, and public reporting on our progress toward these goals. Our students' safety is too important not to hold our administration accountable, which the Board recognized, as they brought in a consultant to survey the District’s staff, community, and students. With stakeholder perspectives at the forefront, the new Plan was drafted and created with support from the District’s outside consultant for Board adoption. The Board and the Superintendent recognize that the Plan is clear, timely, realistic, data based, and attainable. Efforts have been made to implement the Plan in the administration's first month, and the District looks forward to the work, which addresses the concerns of the community and District stakeholders.

The primary goals adopted (in no particular order) are: 

  • Communication

  • Teaching and Learning

  • High Quality Faculty and Staff

  • Facilities

  • Fiscal Resources

  • Leadership

  • Culture and Climate

  • Safety and Security

The Governance Plan was released publicly during the July 2022 Board meeting, along with a 100-day pledge by the Superintendent. This pledge represents Mr. Petet's commitments to what is to be accomplished in the first 100 days of the new administration's leadership under the new Governance Plan. Though some of these tasks will require time to fully implement, most tasks include timely commitments and reports that are due to the Board in the next few months that will clearly inform the Board and the community regarding District leadership’s efforts to protect and educate students. The Governance Plan requires District leadership to propose timely and effective responses to any areas of concern that are brought to the Board’s attention. 

It is the wish of the new administration to restore trust from our stakeholders and the community in the work of the District and the Board. MPS’s leaders care about the District’s mission to educate, support, and prepare all MPS learners for success, but first and foremost we care about our students. We look forward to serving you and educating your children in the nurturing and safe environment they deserve.

Click here for the Governance Plan. It is also available on the homepage.