pdc minutes

PDC Minutes 

May 3, 2022

3:30 @ Central Office 

Call to Order: Time 3:31pm 

Members in Attendance: Bekki Fann, Haley Garst, Angela Gocenhour, Will Grace, Audrey Ming, Gage Lemmon, Rena Reyes, Jeana Wise,  Jennifer Epperson, Kelly Dobbins, Heather Sappington, Falon Bossaller

Approval of Minutes from April: Jennifer Epperson made a motion to approve the March minutes and Lorena Reyes seconded the motion. 

Reports of Officers


  • District PD Log- Jeana updated the Pd Log, it might include items that do not pertain to you or your building. Jeana will send it out tomorrow, each person in the building will need to make a copy of this for their log. If you are exempt because of your tenure status, it is still suggested that you do it for your end of the year check out. 

  • By-Laws revisions & vote to approve- Revisions were made as a group

    • Discussion was held about changing the meeting date to a Wednesday because of after school tutoring that involves several of our members

      • Angela made a motion to approve the changes of the ByLaws through page 8. Bekki seconded the motion. 

Admin Representative:  

  • Stipends- Laura will be going over stipends. PDC reps will receive stipends in the month of June for both membership and a holding office. 

Old Business:

  • Committee Updates

    • Summer PD Plans/Book Study Submissions/Next Steps- Starts in June, the email states how to get paid. 

    • August PD-The new superintendent would like to keep the schedule as close to the same as it has been in the past. 

      • August 17?

      • Laura will reach out to Corey Jackson about renting the building and providing lunch. She can also get quotes at other locations. High school is also an option. 

      • There will also be time provided in your buildings.

      • Literacy training for elementary schools. 

      • BIST will be training admin this summer and then it will be chunked to staff members. 

  • MPS PD Needs Assessment 

New Business:

  • ML Meeting Update- We will briefly meet at the end of the meeting to discuss next year. 

  • Learning Forward Conference Share-Out:  Daniel, Bekki, Heather, & Jeana- Daniel has something to share, but he is absent because he is at a professional development conference. 

  • PDC Member replacement for MHS- Kellie Dobbins joined us for the meeting today. 

  • New Teacher Induction/Amazing Race- August 8th around 10:15am- This is not required for PD members, but it is a fun event to make connections with the new staff members in the district. It is typically hot that day and it is suggested to bring water. Lunch will be provided that day. Rena suggested an app called Goose Chase to make the Amazing Race a little less hectic.

  • January PD–Todd Whitaker- Falon reported that Dr. Whitaker is available on Jan. 3rd for district professional development. Falon is going to connect Dr. Whitaker with Laura and she will discuss the price with him. 

  • Summer Executive Planning

Process Requests: Budget SPS- $0

Benton -$0 




Traveling Teachers- $0

BMS- $0 MHS- $1,498.69 (In addition to the March meeting, an email vote for $325, plus lunch was sent out for C. Benitez)


Instructional Coaches-$1,250

Rena made a motion to approve the process requests for the buildings. Heather seconded the motion. 

Falon made a motion to adjourn the meeting.  Rena seconded the meeting. The meeting was adjourned at 4:45 pm. 

Next Meeting:  September 6, 2022

Paperwork due on or before: August 30, 2022

ML Committee Meeting: 

  • Following regular PDC meeting--unless otherwise noted at the beginning of the meeting.  Minutes will be shared at next PDC meeting