PDC Minutes October 4, 2022

3:30 @ Central Office 

*Please bring an electronic device*

Call to Order: Time

  • Meeting was called to order at 3:30pm

Members in Attendance: Kelly Dobbins, Bekki Fann, Haley Garst, Angela Gocenhour (on Google Meet), Will Grace (football game), Gage Lemmon, Audrey Ming, Rena Reyes, Heather Sappington, Jeana Wise,  Kim Weinreich

Approval of Minutes from September:

  • Bekki Fann made a motion to approve the September minutes. Rena Reyes seconded the motion. 

Reports of Officers

President: Budget sheets to be updated prior to monthly meeting

                           Governance Plan

Admin Representative:  

The numbers in the Budget sheet have been updated by Laura. 

Old Business:

  • By-Laws: 

    • Laura and Daniel spoke about the digital table of contents, you can click the link and it will send you to the page. 

    • Conversation was held over the By-laws regarding Workshops during Summer School. (Pg. 11/12)

    • The travel to conferences section was also discussed and edited. 

    • Lunch, breakfast, and dinner reimbursements were also discussed and edited. 

      • Lorena Reyes made a motion to approve the By-laws. Kim Weinreich seconded the motion. 

  • Back to School PD Follow-up –Feedback

    • Jeana will be sending it back out to the schools that missed it. Jeana will be asking for staff members to complete the form by Tuesday, October 11th.

  • Todd Whitaker

    • Laura reported that Todd Whitiker would cost PD about $5,900. Discussion was held. Mr. Whitaker will be here to speak at the meetings when staff returns from the holiday break. 

    • An agenda and breakfast and/or lunch for the day was discussed, we will decide those details at a later date.

    • He has been booked. 

    • BMS is also being considered for the date. 

  • Committee Updates

New Business:

  • Building Level PD

    • PD Members can update if they would like. 

  • Community Project

    • Different options were discussed for ideas for a community project. 

    • Jeana will be reaching out to Lindsey Parton about the items that are needed. Jeana will update PD members at a later date over the suggestions of items to donate. 

  • ML Meeting Update

    • Bekki reported that there were 14 book studies with a total of 55 participants this summer. 

    • Bekki sent out an email to all the staff members that completed book studies. Bekki reminded them that there is an option in the PD Bucks Google Classroom that could help the presenters make extra money. 

    • Bekki will be going to the high school and to SCCC in December to present the PD Bucks information. 

Process Requests:

SPS- $0

Benton - $0 Southeast- $0 Eastwood- $0 Northwest- $0 BMS- $697.40 (hotel to be split with Sara Summers, not all will be applied to BMS) MHS- $413

SCCC-$1,917 Instructional Coaches-$0

Kelly Dobbins moved to approve the budget and Bekki Fann seconded the approval of the monthly PD budget requests.

Heather Sappington moved to adjourn the meeting and Rena Reyes second the motion. Meeting was adjourned at 4:53pm.

Next Meeting:  November 1, 2022

Paperwork due on or before: October 28, 2022

ML Committee Meeting: 

  • Following regular PDC meeting--unless otherwise noted at the beginning of the meeting.  Minutes will be shared at next PDC meeting