PDC Minutes November 1, 2022

3:30 @ Central Office 

*Please bring an electronic device*

Call to Order: Time 3:32PM

Members in Attendance:

Kelly Dobbins, Bekki Fann, Haley Garst, Angela Gocenhour, Will Grace, Gage Lemmon, Audrey Ming, Rena Reyes, Heather Sappington, Daniel Wright, Kim Weinreich

Approval of Minutes from October: 

  • Gage made a motion to accept the October PDC minutes. Angela seconded the motion. 

Reports of Officers

President:  By-Laws presented to BOE in October. 

  • The By-Laws were accepted with no questions from the Board. 

  • Everyone received a copy.

Admin Representative:  

Old Business:

  • Back to School PD Follow-up –Feedback

    • Feedback was presented to the committee

      • “BIST Training was very useful” 

      • Overall positive feedback

      • Staggering PD was suggested- too much for a few days

  • January PD Planning:  Committee Responsibilities

    • Snacks? Breakfast? Lunch?

      • Breakfast pizza, parfaits, orange juice, coffee

    • 7:30-8:15 Breakfast, 8:30 Whitaker start

    • Pizza, Parfait, & PD- Daniel is working on this

    • Todd Whitaker in the morning and building time in the afternoon

    • Community Project Update

    • Lorena suggested partnering with the computer class/FBLA and creating a holiday activity book to send to the Hoot House as well. 

    • Heather will get the crayons together from her school. Laura is contacting the fire department.

    • Bring the items on December 6th at the meeting. 

      • Can someone send a reminder to the committee for this?- Laura is sending this scheduled email now. 

New Business:

    • Building Level PD

    • Update if needed. 

  • Climate & Culture Survey Results

  • Database Links (link in the database)

    • Update if you find something to add/edit

  • ML Meeting Update

    • OwlWALKS-You observe other things happening within your building on your plan time

    • Reevaluate PD Bucks- Laura, Gage, Heather, and Bekki will meet at a later date

    • Mentor/Mentee Quarterly Meeting

      • We had them and they went well. 

  • Governance Plan Checklist for Reimbursement

    • Next month

Process Requests Budget:


Benton - $0 Southeast-$0 Eastwood-$0 Northwest- $ BMS- $410 MHS- $678

SCCC-$0 (Danielle Callanan) Instructional Coaches-0

Kellie made a motion to approve the process requests for the month of November. Heather seconded the motion. 

Next Meeting:  December 6, 2022

Paperwork due on or before: November 28, 2022

ML Committee Meeting: 

  • Following regular PDC meeting--unless otherwise noted at the beginning of the meeting.  Minutes will be shared at next PDC meeting

 Daniel made a motion to adjourn the meeting. Kellie seconded the motion. Meeting was adjourned at 4:29pm.