PDC Minutes December 6, 2022

3:30 @ Central Office 

*Please bring an electronic device*

Call to Order: Time 3:38pm   Members in Attendance:

Kelly Dobbins, Bekki Fann, Haley Garst, Angela Gochenour, Will Grace, Gage Lemmon, Audrey Ming, Rena Reyes, Heather Sappington, Jeana Wise, Daniel Wright

Approval of Minutes from November: 

Lorena made a motion to approve the November minutes. Angela seconded the motion. 

Reports of Officers


Admin Representative:  

Old Business:

  • January 3 PD Planning:

    • Mr. Whitaker will be coming that day.

    • Snacks- Make sure your snack tubs are filled for the upcoming PD days in January. 

    • Evaluation- The evaluation will be sent out the day of the presentations. 

  • January 30 PD- Dyslexia training will be happening on this date due to a conflict with the presenter on January 3 

    • Snacks- breakfast will be served

  • Community Project Update: Please bring non-perishable items, if participating. Laura will be delivering it to the Hoot House. 

New Business:

  • Building Level PD- update the list, if you like

  • Email Vote: SMCAA J.Wise, C. Dobbins, K. Harvey, J. Gass, A. VanWinkle, D. Wright

  • Email Vote:  M. Horton

  • PD Request Procedures/Cheat Sheet- use the below procedures for following the process to be approved for Professional Development requests

    • Pre-Approval

    • Post-Approval

  • ML Meeting Update- 

    • Kelly filled in and spoke to the high school about Micro Learning because Bekki was ill. 

    • The committee met and discussed a few things about Micro Learning. Laura said that it will be mentioned on the Week at a Glance from the building administrators in the upcoming week or so. 

  • Mentor/Mentee Quarterly Meeting 

    • Year one and two teachers will be meeting with the instructional coaches within the next week 

  • Governance Plan Checklist for Reimbursement

    • SISFin Process- this is the sheet that needs to be given to teachers that are applying for a purchase order for their professional development requests. Please follow the steps. 

  • Sonya Manz, RPDC Literacy Consultant- not going to be coming for Dyslexia training until later

  • Learning Forward Conference

    • Conference is in March, if you would like to go, have your paperwork ready for the February meeting. Jeana will be sending out a sheet. 

    • This conference interferes with our March meeting so we might have to reschedule our PD meeting. 

Process Requests: Budget:

SPS- $1,919

Benton - $0 


Eastwood- $0 

Northwest- $0 

BMS- $582 

MHS- $416


Instructional Coaches-$1,541.45

Lorena made a motion to approve the process requests for the buildings. Gage Lemmon seconded  the motion. 

Next Meeting:  January 3, 2023 (3:00) 

Lorena made a motion to change the meeting time to 3:15 for Jan. 3rd. Heather seconded the motion. 

Lorena made a motion to adjourn the meeting at 4:19pm. Bekki Fann seconded the motion. 

Paperwork due on or before: December 16, 2022

ML Committee Meeting: 

  • Following regular PDC meeting--unless otherwise noted at the beginning of the meeting.  Minutes will be shared at next PDC meeting