DECA District Results

Thirty-one DECA students from Saline County Career Center attended the DECA District Competition on February 8, 2017 at Independence Center.

DECA prepares emerging leaders and entrepreneurs for careers in marketing, finance, hospitality and management. These students competed in a variety of events for a chance to represent their district at the State Career Development Conference to be held at the Lake of the Ozarks on March 12-14.

The Saline County Career Center had 20 students who were recognized onstage: Jacquelyn Brown, Logan Evans, Olivia Quint, Lauren Adcock, Clara Rouk, Wendy Cortes, Alli Griffitt, Haleigh Hartwig, Selena Serrano, Esmeralda Tinoco, Molly Angelhow, Taylor Bellamy, Casey Claros, Tiara Tindell, Jani Tobin, Zach Baker, Katie Miles, Mariana Lopez, Anna Hartley, and Rileigh Massey.

19 of those will advance onto State competition.

Individual Role Plays

1st place in Food Marketing Series:

Logan Evans

2nd place in Hotel and Lodging Management:

Olivia Quint

Chapter Events

Community Service Project:
Clara Beasley-Rouk, Wendy Cortes, Selena Serrano (Hope for the Hungry) 1st place

Creative Marketing Project:

Zach Baker, Mariana Lopez, Katie Miles (Books on Wheels) 2nd place

Anna Hartley and Rileigh Massey (Bark in the Park) 3rd place

Public Relations Project:

Lauren Adcock, Alli Griffitt, and Tiara Tindell (Baby Grace) 2nd place

Molly Angelhow, Taylor Bellamy, Jani Tobin (Proud to be an Owl) 1st place

Entrepreneurship Events

Start-up Business Plan:

Olivia Quint (Centerstage Performing Arts) 2nd place

Independent Business Plan:

Casey Claros, Haleigh Hartwig, and Esmerelda Tinoco (Art Barn) 1st place