Good Morning Marshall Owls!
     I am truly sad today that school has been called off for the rest of this year.  I am sad for our graduating seniors and all students who want so badly to say goodbye to their teachers, coaches, sponsors, administrators, staff and everyone who makes their lives better.  BUT:  WE ARE MARSHALL and we'll get through this and be better on the other side of this challenging time.  
     The admin team has been meeting, and will continue to do so, every Thursday.  We are making plans on how to end the year, whenever that is possible, and celebrate being together again.  When we come back, it will be critical that we have a plan for students and their parents.  We certainly welcome your ideas!
      We are also working on plans for graduation and how to celebrate the  Class of 202.  There are some districts turning on the athletic field lights this evening as a tribute to the graduating seniors.  Our MHS administrators have decided not to do that, during the stay-at-home order, since it may appear we are inviting groups of students or others to gather at our facilities.  Instead, we will be turning on the athletic field lights the week of graduation and the previously scheduled last week of school.  They will remain on through that week.  Our "M" flags will be flown at half-mast until the end of school, communicating our disappointment for the way school ended.  At the end of the scheduled school year, however, the flags will return to full-mast to communicate our resilience and strength , and our OWL PRIDE.  
     I'm asking each school to find a way to decorate the building to let students know we are thinking about them.  This will take some creative thinking since we are under a stay-at-home order until April 24th.  (I am working on signs to put in the central office windows.) We absolutely want our students and employees to practice physical distancing, but not safe/virtual social distancing.  I deem it essential to communicate with our students and the public in every way possible. 
     Our mission statement says it all and is still our goal, no matter how we have to demonstrate it. 
We educate and empower every student, every chance, every day.  

I am proud to be an Owl and thank all of you for your Owl Pride!  To our students:  You are the reason we do what we do and we won't let you down!  To our teachers:  Thank you for engaging students in learning! To the Class of 2020:  We value each of you and will celebrate your graduation in awesome ways!  We don't know when, but just as soon as possible.  The MHS administrators and I will be happy to talk about  ideas you have for your send off from MHS and, if it's possible to implement them, we will.  Stay strong, Seniors!  We honor you and thank you for being such an important part of the OWL family!  Very sincerely, Dr. Maher