Soccer field improvements include lengthening the field by three yards to make it regulation length. Work on the field is expected to be completed by the end of the month.

The Marsaline                                               

 Marshall High School is getting some hefty renovations to the current soccer field this spring, estimated to cost $116,000, according to Activities Director Kelly Callanan. Without any major renovations in the last 20 years, this was a perfect time to get a new field. 

When deciding how to improve the soccer field, the board of education took an approach similar to the football field renovations. 

“We are tearing out the existing surface and taking out the old irrigation system.” Callanan said. “Releveling the field, putting irrigation in and putting sod on top. It will be natural grass.” 

The board supported the plans for a new field due to some issues the current field had. 

“The field itself isn’t in great shape; it’s very uneven,” said Callanan. “The sprinkler system has not worked properly, causing a lack of treatment for the grass.” 

The board selected Mid-American Turf and Landscape to renovate the field. 

“Mid-American will be using the existing field and reworking the dirt. It will look and feel brand new, though,” Callahan said. 

While the bleachers won`t be replaced, there will be a huge change for Marshall`s field. 

“We`re actually going to add some length to the field,” said Callanan. “Currently we are actually three yards short of district regulations, so we will add three yards to the length.”

According to Callanan, the district looks forward to starting the renovation of the field as soon as possible. 

“We started here the second week of April, and the timeline to finish is May 31,” Callanan said. 

In the meantime, the girls’ soccer team is finishing their season at Missouri Valley College. But there is a reward to look forward to with the new and improved field. 

“I’m excited for our kids to play on a quality surface,” Callahan said. “Lot of other schools are going to turf, and there are pros and cons to that, but nothing beats a really nice grass field. I’m really excited for our athletics to be proud of their own home surface.”