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As the year rolls to close, I wanted to share that this year's National Honor Society students did a cumulative total of 495.5 hours of community service in our schools and community.  Students are required 20 hours to be eligible for a stole at graduation, but so many went above and beyond this year.  These hours came from many sources, but our main chapter activities this year were: hosting MPS Trunk or Treat, hosting a movie afternoon in the theater to bring students back together after the fire, helping decorate for the YMCA Piccadilly, and, most recently, helping with SPS Field Day.  If you see any of the students below, please give them congratulations and appreciation for all they have done not only for the school and community, but also for being great examples and ambassadors of the positive work being done at MPS.  They are an amazing group of students who I will truly miss.  Thank you all for the impact you had on them as they went through MPS.  It takes all of us to make a difference and I truly appreciate all your work! Have a wonderful end to your year!

Fall 2020
Max Betz
Taylor Boyd
Keyonie Gaddy
Quinlan Giffen
Connor Grossenburg
Karsyn King
Olivia Kiso
Paige Klinge
Jada Lance
Chase Laxson
John Miles
Ryan Ming
Jessica Parada
Kylie Pestka
Zoe Sherman
Coy Smith
Marissa Snell
Gunner Ussery
Lillian Wade
Leah Weaver
Kailyn Wise
Spring 2021
Seth Hoffman
Zach Martinez
Samantha Riley
Fall 2022
Dylan Arends
Adilynn Bolling
Ava Christy
Karsyn Fuchs
Lizvet Menedez
Alexis Neff
Piper Newberg
Nicholas Shireman
Brook Wagner